A New Start

Sean Winslow, Point Lobos, January 2007

Sean Winslow at Point Lobos, January 2007 (camera held by Neal Winslow)

In retrospect, this image would have been considerably better if I have been holding the ccamera away from my face, but since I handed the camera off after composing it (it is a picture of me, after all), I did not notice this problem until later review. Still, the light an color that day was exccellent, and I thought I should start the blog with a recent photo of the author. The next post will be my favorite image of that day.

Much delayed, this blog is now active, and I plan to be posting to it regularly from now on, at least one photo a week, hopefully more. This is a project to keep me working on my photography and to share it with my family, friends, and anyone else who may be interested. I will also be introducing other categories as this matures, covering my other interests. The RSS feed may be found at the base of this page, and I encourage readers to follow the blog this way.