Update & Flickr Integration

I have updated to the latest version of WordPress, which should be essentially seamless on the user end. A more interesting update is that , starting with the last three posts, I am converting all the photos from being hosted on my site to being hosted by Flickr. What this means is that you can click on any photo to get to its Flickr page, and there you can leave a comment, favorite it, or use the sorting and search tools to look through my entire stream. I am going to try to work backwards and make all the photos behave like this, in order to better integrate the various presentations of my photos. I know that a number of people read this stream through imported notes in Facebook, and I assume it will work there with new notes, though it currently doesn’t with any note already imported.

I am still working on making my various Flickr sets appear in pages, so that I will have dynamically-generated sets on this site.

Ethiopian Hiatus

The photos from Ethiopia have been interripted for a few weeks now, and, while there are many more, I am not sure when I will get back to them. The issue is not lack of interest, but rather a missing cord that connects my portable hard disk drive, containing all the Ethiopia master files, to my computer. Despite it being a USB drive, and USB being a ‘standard,’ no other cord with the same connector seems to work on it (I have the same issue with all my CompactFlash card readers, sad to say, which has stranded two files I very much want to work on).

In the meantime, I am going through and trying to finish the editing of some of my earlier work–photos which I selected and started on, but needed a break from or am not sure how to edit. Some of them are still proving to be difficult edits, but I am trying to post the ones that are of superior quality.


A New Start

Sean Winslow, Point Lobos, January 2007

Sean Winslow at Point Lobos, January 2007 (camera held by Neal Winslow)

In retrospect, this image would have been considerably better if I have been holding the ccamera away from my face, but since I handed the camera off after composing it (it is a picture of me, after all), I did not notice this problem until later review. Still, the light an color that day was exccellent, and I thought I should start the blog with a recent photo of the author. The next post will be my favorite image of that day.

Much delayed, this blog is now active, and I plan to be posting to it regularly from now on, at least one photo a week, hopefully more. This is a project to keep me working on my photography and to share it with my family, friends, and anyone else who may be interested. I will also be introducing other categories as this matures, covering my other interests. The RSS feed may be found at the base of this page, and I encourage readers to follow the blog this way.