Baskets and Dye, Axum, Tigray, Ethiopia, November 2009

Basket Market, Axum, Tigray, Ethiopia, November 2009

The basket market, under a large tree in the centre of town.

Dye Market, Axum, Tigray, Ethiopia, November 2009

The dye sellers measure out dyes for baskets, under a different large tree near the ‘old town.’


Women bring their brightly-colored handwoven injera baskets to the market at the center of town for the market attached to the festival of Maryam Tsion (St. Mary of Zion) in Axum, Ethiopia. The basket serves as both table and covering for meals, and is a prominent feature of many living rooms.

Legumes, Old Market, Mek’ele, Tigray, Ethiopia, April 2009

Legumes, Old Market, Mek'ele, Tigray, Ethiopia, April 2009

Bags from various places hold legumes on display in the old market area of Mek’ele, capital of Tigray. Legumes are greatly consumed during the fasting season, and an important part of the diet year-round, as people fast on vegetables at least twice a week in the Christian parts of the country.