Update & Flickr Integration

I have updated to the latest version of WordPress, which should be essentially seamless on the user end. A more interesting update is that , starting with the last three posts, I am converting all the photos from being hosted on my site to being hosted by Flickr. What this means is that you can click on any photo to get to its Flickr page, and there you can leave a comment, favorite it, or use the sorting and search tools to look through my entire stream. I am going to try to work backwards and make all the photos behave like this, in order to better integrate the various presentations of my photos. I know that a number of people read this stream through imported notes in Facebook, and I assume it will work there with new notes, though it currently doesn’t with any note already imported.

I am still working on making my various Flickr sets appear in pages, so that I will have dynamically-generated sets on this site.