Jackie and Ben’s Wedding

Jackie and Ben's Wedding

Recently, I had the good fortune to photograph Jackie and Ben’s wedding. We had fun taking formals in front of Osgoode Hall, before heading to a great Toronto institution–the chip truck, for their first meal as a married couple. Here’s the first instalment.

Signing the marriage contract. . .

Kissing in front of a beautiful rosebush in the gardens of Osgoode Hall. . .
Jackie and Ben's Wedding

Walking hand in hand. . .
Jackie and Ben's Wedding

Ben groaned when I motioned toward the pillars, anticipating that I wanted to take a peekaboo shot. I hope the result changed his mind. . .
Jackie and Ben's Wedding

2009 Zombie Walk (Special Edition), Toronto, Canada

2009 Zombie Walk (Special Edition) #1, Toronto, Canada

I was an especial fan of the zombie baristo!

2009 Zombie Walk (Special Edition) #2, Toronto, Canada

Ladies of the 2009 zombie walk. The two on the left are Jessica Rabbit and Betty Boop.

2009 Zombie Walk (Special Edition) #3, Toronto, Canada

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Long-delayed photos from the 2009 zombie walk organized in the autumn to coincide with TIFF (The Toronto International Film Festival). I am so long in getting them out, I thought I would post many at once, and it was a good project to practice while learning Pages on my new iMac.