Wawa Goose, Wawa, Ontario, 2010

Wawa Goose, Wawa, Ontario, 2010

There’s this giant metal goose in Wawa, Ontario, which is in fact the town’s major claim to fame, as said goose is apparently famous in Canada (you’ll just have to take my word on this one). Theoreticallly, the goose commemorates the completion of the Trans-Canada highway, but the real reason behind it was to have some big thing to actually make tourists care to come to Wawa. It has worked–somewhat. THe goose is really on the edge of Wawa, so you don’t need to go into town to visit it, and I am not sure what percentage do or don’t. But there it is: big goose in Wawa–stop by if you’re in the neighbourhood. You can even donate for the replacement, as this goose is apparently cooked. . .

2009 Zombie Walk (Special Edition), Toronto, Canada

2009 Zombie Walk (Special Edition) #1, Toronto, Canada

I was an especial fan of the zombie baristo!

2009 Zombie Walk (Special Edition) #2, Toronto, Canada

Ladies of the 2009 zombie walk. The two on the left are Jessica Rabbit and Betty Boop.

2009 Zombie Walk (Special Edition) #3, Toronto, Canada

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Long-delayed photos from the 2009 zombie walk organized in the autumn to coincide with TIFF (The Toronto International Film Festival). I am so long in getting them out, I thought I would post many at once, and it was a good project to practice while learning Pages on my new iMac.