Mushrooms, Pukaskwa National Park, Ontario, Canada
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Sean Michael Winslow is a historian with a PhD in Medieval Studies and Book History and Print Culture from the University of Toronto. His dissertation research, in ancient and medieval manuscript technology, uses interviews with traditional church scribes in the highlands of Ethiopia, which he conducted in 2008-9 as a Fulbright grantee, as an informant to the reconstruction of historical scribal and production practices.

Sean is an active photographer, whose work may be seen on his photoblog. He has a personal and scholarly interest in the ongoing reconstruction and revival of Historic European Martial Arts (HEMA), and is a Scholar of the Academy of European Medieval Martial Arts. As Magister Scrabularum, he is an active promoter of Latin Scrabble activities, he created/maintains the Latin Scrabble website.

Sean attended and holds a Bachelor of Arts in History with Honors from the University of California (Santa Cruz). A year abroad was spent in the Department of Mediaeval History at the University of St Andrews, Fife, Scotland. His Master of Arts in Medieval Studies, Book History, and Print Culture is from the Centre for Medieval Studies, University of Toronto.

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